Volunteer Activities


2014 Bell Ringing


Talking Books for the Blind August 2014


Schenectady Volunteerism video Requires Adobe Flash plug-in on you browser and a fast Ethernet connection.


Elfun Science at the Delaware Community School in Albany 2014


GRC Science Days Nov 2012


Elfun Science Programs Nov 2011 Article


Schenectady Museum Photo Collection Archives (Proclamation) (Pictures)


Schenectady Inner City Ministry (SICM) Food Pantry


Science Magic Project


GE Elfun Computer Rehab


Talking Books repair for the Blind


Toy Modification for the physically impaired: General, Newsletter

2009 Report, 2010 Report, 2010 Early Child Thank You..

You to can modify toys for the physically challenged in your community. Here is some information on

How To Do It!!


Science in the summer Elfun Science Project visits Johnstown Elementary School


Dudley Observatory Project


Glendale Friends Project


Bell Ringing Dec 2010 59 Elfuns/GE Volunteers raised $5,300 dollars for the Salvation Army


Bell Ringing Dec 2011


Elfun 2011 Service Adventures