The Schenectady Elfun Society Chapter is seeking volunteers to assist the wheel chaired residents at Glendale Nursing Home, Glenville NY move to and from activities within the home, visit with residents, play cards, etc..  Glendale provides activities for residents but there are limited activity staff members available.  The residents are therefore not always able to participate in the religious services, and entertainment activities being offered because they need help getting to and from these activities.  Please consider volunteering some time to help these folks participate in the offered activities to make their life more fulfilling.  If you are interested please contact Bob LaBounty (at or 518 -399-7498) or Madelyn Thorne, Director of Pastoral Care at ( or 384-3638).


This event is being done through the GE Volunteers network and is also available to be signed up for on the GE Volunteers portal.


Below is the link to the sign-up on the GE Volunteers portal, for anyone who may be able to access it. Anyone who volunteers their time is asked to sign up in the portal and log their hours (on an ongoing basis) as local GE determines its funding for volunteer projects based on hours logged in the portal.  If you are unable to access the portal the project leader will log your hours for you.


Thank you for your community support.