Social Activities 2017 – 2018 year


Luncheons with community or GE speakers September through June


September 19, 2017  ---  Vista Restaurant at The Van Patten Golf Course, 924 Main St., Clifton Park, NY 12065.  Our speaker will be Steven Rothwein, NYS Trooper.  The presentation covers some of the popular types of scams that are currently being used against seniors.  He talks about recognizing these types of scams, what to do when you feel you are being scammed, and how to avoid being scammed in the future.  He also discusses scams that have happened locally as a way to hit home with the participants that this is happening to their own neighbors.



October 18, 2017 ---  Lighthouse Waters Edge   Our speaker will be Alvin Magid

Urban distress in the City of Schenectady is mirrored in its hard-pressed school district: The annual graduation rate for Schenectady High School is about 65 per cent, one of the lowest in the Capital District and New York State; at every Schenectady grade level, K-12, more than half of the students are unable to meet the State standard in English Language Arts and Math. Four years ago, I founded the all-volunteer Reading Is Fun Program (RIF) to help needy 4-9 year olds--many of them members of economically-challenged communities of color--in pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grades 1-3 learn foundational reading-readiness and conversational skills and vocabulary. In the school year 2016-2017, about 100 RIF volunteers worked with about 150 Schenectady children in all 12 elementary schools in the city. The numbers of RIF volunteers and children with whom they work are expected to keep growing. RIF and I have garnered community service awards and citations at the local, county, state, and national levels. I will talk to the Elfun gathering about RIF's evolution and activities and its future goals.



November 14, 2017 --- Hilton Garden inn  --- Clifton Park, Clifton Park Center, 30 Clifton Country Rd., Clifton Park, NY 12065.  ---  A Cruise Through the Norwegian Fjords --- Our speakers will be Millie and Clark Gittinger. Millie's trip will be from Bergen to the Russian border above the Arctic Circle and back.  There were many stops in picturesque small towns and villages along the way.  Many of the towns are historic.  She also visited with a Sami couple and will provide information about their culture.



December 12, 2017 ---  Edison Golf Club  Jessica Crisci and the Scotia-Glenville Choralaires   The Scotia-Glenville High School Choralaires perform a wide variety of choral literature throughout the year.  They have traveled to Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and Washington DC in recent years.  They have received superior ratings at the national level for the past 15 years.  They participate heavily in community and school events, serving as musical ambassadors for the Scotia-Glenville School district.



January 17, 2018---  Glen Sanders    Our speaker will be Michael Diana.  The founding of Schenectady witnessed many intrepid settlers whose legacies live on to this day.  Among these illustrious names, the Glen Sanders stand out.  Michael Diana will recount the remarkable tale of how Alexander Glen made his way from Kirkaldy, Scotland to the Mohawk Valley in 1659.  You will also see how the kindness and wit of his son, John Alexander, saved many during the Schenectady’s darkest hour. 



February 13, 2018 ---  Mallozzi’s Banquet    .  Our speaker will be Colleen Scarneo.  Alcohol and drugs affect the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.  The most prevalent drugs that state forensic toxicology laboratories test for in blood and urine will be discussed.  The presentation will discuss how alcohol and drugs interact with one another and potentiate (worsen) impaired driving.   Review of Talk


March 14, 2018 ---   River Stone Manor --- Speaker  Millie Gittinger

The Great Rivers of Europe - From Amsterdam to Vienna   --   The riverboat trip from Amsterdam to Vienna went through 5 rivers and more than 60 locks, stoping at many cities and towns. We also visited many castles. After the River trip ended, several days were spent in the Saltzkammergut mountains east of Salzberg. One of the highlights of the trip was in Nurnberg where the German War trials had taken place after WWII.


April 18, 2018 ---   The Century House   ---  Sean and Beth McCullough will present their Road Scholar cruise and visit to Cuba. In accord with USA requirements local culture, e.g. dance and music, were part of the stops in Santiago de Cuba and Havana.  Also visited was the well preserved, past home of Earnest Hemingway.


May 15, 2018  ---   Glen Sanders   ---  Speaker TBD


June 20, 2018 ---  Edison Golf Course   ---  Dr. Valerie Rapson   Outreach Astronomer at the Dudley Observatory at miSci

            We still love Pluto   New discoveries from the New Horizons Mission




Other Activities


Four Day trip to Cape Cod & Martha’s Vineyard – Sept 12 - 15



Reduced Price Tickets

Schenectady Civic Players --- To Make A Killing  --- April 13, 2018

Schenectady Civic Players --- An Inspector Calls  ---  Dates in Jan and Feb 2018

Schenectady Civic Players  --- As Bees In Honey Drown  --- Dates in Dec 2017

Schenectady Civic Players  --- Fifth of July   ---  Dates in Oct 2017

Schenectady Civic Players  --- Star of Stage and Scream  -- Dinner Theater  --  Oct 27, 2017

Proctors --- The Color Purple  ---  Oct 11, 2017




Reliable Resources For Seniors, Their Families and Professionals in Aging

One World Observatory Visit – Sept 21

Wade Tours Informational Night River Cruise Oct 15


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