Social Activities 2015 – 2016 year


Luncheons with community or GE speakers September through June


September 15, 2015 ---  Vista at Van Patten Golf Course, 924 Main St., Clifton Park, NY 12065. ----- Our speaker will be  Ray Misiewicz.

Sir Hubert Wilkins, in 1931, traveled to the Arctic in a pre-World War 1 US Navy submarine.  In 1958 the Nautilus traveled from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean under the North Pole.  The Skate was the first nuclear submarine to surface at the North Pole in 1959.  The presentation will show how these three voyages are linked together.


October 14, 2015 ---   Lighthouse Waters Edge  --- Our speaker will be James Besha, President of Albany Engineering Corporation.  James will speak about the history of the Mechanicville Hydroelectric Station from the construction in 1897 through the rehabilitation of the Hydroelectric Station by Albany Engineering Corporation.  Jim will discuss the structural stabilization and the electrical aspects of the facility.


November 17, 2015  -- Mohawk Club   --- Our speaker will be John Cococcia, VP of Investor Relations and Strategy at Plug Power.  Hydrogen fuel cell technology is not new. But, the ability to design, package and sell this solution commercially is. Within the past decade, Plug Power Inc. has uncovered a viable market within material handling where its hydrogen and fuel cell solutions help customers like Walmart, P&G and BMW increase productivity and save money, all while reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. While material handling is leading the way today, Plug Power is primed for expansion globally and vertically within markets like ground support equipment and transportation refrigeration.


December 15, 2015 –-  Edison Club  ---  The Scotia-Glenville Choralaires Will Perform Songs of the Season Under the Direction of Jessica Crisci.  The Scotia-Glenville High School Choralaires perform a wide variety of choral literature throughout the year.  They have traveled to Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and Washington DC in recent years.  They have received superior ratings at the national level for the past 14 years.  They participate heavily in community and school events, serving as musical ambassadors for the Scotia-Glenville School district.


January 19, 2016 --  Glen Sanders  Our speaker will be Mary Liz Stewart, Executive Director of Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, Inc. & Paul Stewart


                     Dark of night, tunnels, secret hidey-holes and daring escapes populate our images of Underground Railroad history. The notion of Quakers helping poor, oppressed escaped slaves informs how Underground Railroad history is portrayed in our textbooks, movies, and picture and chapter books. While the Underground Railroad is a piece of American history that is thought to be well known, research into period documents tell a very different story. Revisit this fascinating period in history, examining its public side, the role of African Americans and women, the myths vs. reality, and its relevance for today. An inspiring story when told by the voices of those who were there.


February 16, 2016 --  Mallozzi’s Banquet House  ---  Our speakers will be Millie and Clark Gittinger.


A cruise on the Clipper Adventurer "Out of the Northwest Passage" sailing from Kugluktuk, Nunavut to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland visiting many ancient ruins, historic sites, Inuit villages, glaciers and ice bergs.  Most of the time was spent above the Arctic Circle and we reached as far as 79o 3 minutes north - a record for the ship.  It was the first ever cruise to deliberately follow the route of the American explorer, Elisha Kent Kane in 1855 when he and his men journeyed 980 kilometers along the Greenland coast in open boats from Rensselaer to Upernavik.  Historic sites will include Beechey Island -  the last know siting of Sir John Franklin's expedition before he disappeared, old Hudson's Bay Company posts and the Northernmost RCMP post now abandoned.  A review of  this great talk.


March 16, 2016 --   Mohawk Club  ---  Our speaker will be Greg Connors of Global Foundries.  Global Foundries is one of the largest and most advanced semi-conductor manufacturing facilities in the world and is located in Saratoga County, N.Y.  Learn more about its Corporate Structure, how the company leverages its global relationships and assets, the supply chain diversification, and Global Foundries impact on the local and Capital Region economy.



April 13, 2016  ---   The Century House  ---  Our speaker will be Scott Strazik, Vice President, General Electric & CFO, Power Generation Products for GE Power.  Scott will provide an overview of Gas Power Systems (GPS) relative to GE Power and GE's performance.  He will then address specific topics, such as the successful launch of the "H" Gas Turbine, how GPS is helping GE transform from an industrial to a digital enterprise, and the on-going efforts to integrate Alstom.  Scott plans to devote plenty of time for Q&A, so please bring your questions to get the latest update on Gas Power Systems and GE.



May 17, 2016   ---   Glen Sanders  ---  Our speaker will be Kaitlin Morton-Bentley, The voices from the Haunted Past: Ghost Stories and Folklore from the Stockade.  For centuries people of all backgrounds have lived their lives in the Stockade neighborhood. As folklore has it, some of them never completely left. Stories about spirit sightings and strange occurrences reveal the rich history of this historic area.



June 15, 2016 ---  Edison Golf Club  ---  Bob Cudmore  The Lost Mohawk Valley

The Mohawk Valley story of long ago is filled with factories and memorable characters, from the women and men who worked the factory floors to artists who designed carpets to sports stars, a band leader, and a man who became a leading Hollywood actor.  The story includes a commercial by Disney artists featuring a character called Mohawk Tommy.




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Clybourne Park  --  Schenectady Civic Players  -- Dates in May

Measure By Measure  --- Schenectady Civic Players  Dates in March

The Explorers Club  --- Schenectady Civic Players   Dates in January and February

It’s a Wonderful Life  --  Schenectady Civic Players  Many days in December

Dracula   --  Schenectady Civic Players   Oct 16, 17, 18, 20 - 25

Laura Roth  -- Georgian Resort in Lake George  9/22/2015




One World Observatory Visit – Sept 21

Hydro-Electric Station Visit --  June 8      

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Baltimore and Annapolis Trip – June 27 - 29                                                                                

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