Social Activities 2014 – 2015 year


Luncheons with community or GE speakers September through June


September 16, 2014 ---  The Vista at the Van Patten Golf Club, 924 Main St., Clifton Park, NY 12065    ----  Our speaker will be Ray Misiewicz.  Ray’s topic will be "Hyman G. Rickover, Father of the Nuclear Navy - Some Insights into a Complex Man".  Come join us for this interesting talk.  


October 15, 2014 ---   Lighthouse – Waters Edge, on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.  Our speakers will again be Millie and Clark Gittinger.  Their presentation will be “In the Wake of Shackleton  - a journey to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Elephant Island and Antarctica”. Please join us for this exciting and informative event.


November 18, 2014  -- Mohawk Golf Club  -- Our speaker will be Marilyn Sassi “The Complete History of the Iroquois Nation”.  The history begins in 9,000 BC and follows the Iroquois Nation into the 21st century.  This includes the Iroquois life style, religion, material culture and demonstrates how contact with Europeans changed their lives forever.  Please join us for a most interesting talk about people who lived in the area where we do many years ago.



December 17, 2014 – Edison Club  --  The Scotia-Glenville Choralaires Will Perform Songs of the Season Under the Direction of Jessica Crisci

The Scotia-Glenville High School Choralaires perform a wide variety of choral literature throughout the year.  They have traveled to Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and Washington DC in recent years.  They have received superior ratings at the national level for the past 11 years.  They participate heavily in community and school events, serving as musical ambassadors for the Scotia-Glenville School district.



January 20, 2015 – The Glen Sanders Mansion, 1 Glen Avenue, Scotia, NY 12302 .  Our speakers  Millie and Clark Gittinger will share their experience in retracing Shackleton’s infamous voyage.  When Sir Ernest Shackleton led an exploration voyage to cross the continent of Antarctica on foot, while this didn't happen, the trip became one of the most epic stories of survival under some of the worst circumstances imaginable.  The program will include pictures of some of the locations of this trip along with the wild life and natural beauty of the area.


February 17, 2015 – Malozzi’s Restaurant ---  Perils and Pitfalls of the Common Core  Our speaker will be Mr. Tim Farley, Principal of the Ichabod Crane Middle School in Valatie, NY.  He will speak on how Common Core infiltrated our classrooms right in plain sight and expose the false narrative that has been promoted by the likes of Bill Gates, Arne Duncan and Barack Obama.  Mr. Farley will also illustrate how Common Core ignores the needs of special needs students and is developmentally inappropriate, especially in early childhood.  To learn more see our article in Branching Out.



March 17, 2015 --   Mohawk Golf Club --- Our speakers will be Richard L. Walters & Adam Lendt.  They will speak about the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Soldiers who were once one of the most obscure units, almost invisible to the rest of the military.  Today, however, these specialists serve front and center of the modern battlefield.  In the last decade, they come from obscurity to the big screen in movies such as The Hurt Locker, but these Soldiers are and what they actually do, is far from Hollywood. 



April 15, 2015  ---   Century House   Our speaker will be Brian Merriam, Schenectady Chamber of Commerce.  Once known as the “city that lights and hauls the world”, Schenectady’s importance to the developing world was, and still is, Huge! … yet, do you know how this came to be?  And what does the future hold in store for us?  Come and learn our story like you have never heard it told before!


May 19, 2015   ---   Glen Sanders - - - Ray O'Conor, Author              Book: "She Called Him Raymond"

            Our speaker will be Ray O'Conor, Author and former President and CEO of Saratoga National Bank & Trust Co. and Senior Vice President of a financial holding company.  He is also a former United States Border Patrol Agent and a Special Agent with the United States Department of Defense.  He resigned from the Saratoga National Bank to write his book "She Called Him Raymond"The story of his mother, Helen Gregg, the daughter of Irish immigrant parents who grew up in the miseries of Hell’s Kitchen during the Great Depression, and  her first husband, Clarence Raymond Stephenson.  He was a young aspiring B-17 pilot raised in the small, struggling city of Ironton, Ohio. Fate brings them together in New York’s Central Park in 1942. The story includes his exploits as a highly decorated B-17 pilot during World War II, and the tragedy that tears them apart.


June 17, 2015 ----   Edison Golf Club   Our speaker will be Wallace Graham, Chairman of the Board of the SI Group.  The SI Group is a family-owned company with more than 2,700 employees, was founded in Schenectady more than 100 years ago by a former GE Chemist, Howard Wright. The company develops and manufactures chemical intermediates, specialty resins, and solutions that feed into countless industrial and consumer goods. Hear how the company is leveraging its deep knowledge of chemistry combined with a vision for growth to solve complex global challenges. SI Group is making the world a better place by delivering The Substance Inside.




Other Activities


3 Day Washington Trip Sept 18 to Sept 20


Reduced Price Tickets


Schenectady Civic Players  “The Lair”   Oct 2014 Many dates


Schenectady Civic Players “The Game’s AFoot”  December 2014 Many dates


Schenectady Civic Players  “Rabbit Hole”  January & February dates


Schenectady Civic Players “Daddy’s Dying Who’s Got the Will?” March Dates


Proctors Theater “Pippin” May 27, 2015


Schenectady Civic Players “Becky’s New Car”  May 2015 Dates


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