Social Activities 2012 – 2013 year


Luncheons with community or GE speakers September through June


Sept 18, 2012   Van Patten Golf Club   Ernest L Hall GE Research  -- “ The Innovation Ecosystem  Ernie will discuss how the process of innovation is changing in an increasingly complex and global business environment. He will talk firsthand about the important role external partnerships have had in accelerating key innovations and business opportunities for GE, citing examples right here in the Capital Region such as the new Energy Storage business in Schenectady. Ernie will discuss his recent experience testifying before Congress on the important role that public-private partnerships with government agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy have had in supporting GE's efforts to create jobs and strengthen manufacturing locally. This example and others will illustrate how companies like GE are finding tremendous value being part of the innovation ecosystems.  


October 17, 2012        Lighthouse – Rivers Edge  Carl Rosner (CEO of Cardio Mag Imaging). He was also the principal founder, Chairman and CEO of Intermagnetics General Corporation (IGC), which in 2006 was acquired by Royal Philips Electronics. Mr. Rosner will present the technology inherent with the CardioMag Imaging System. This included: A new barometer of cardio wellness, Increased comfort for patients, Provides physicians' greater confidence in their diagnosis, and A new triage tool for use in the Emergency Department.


November 13, 2012                 Mohawk Golf Club  Elfun Bill Kornrumpf  will present his Summer 2011 transcontinental, solo bike trip along the Northern United States from Oceanside, Oregon to Cape Cod in 77 days. He will discuss his trials and rewards of an unsupported, long distance bike trip and describe the sights and interactions with the helpful people he met along the way.


December 12, 2012     Edison Golf Club  Christmas presentation -- The Scotia-Glenville High School Choralaires perform a wide variety of choral literature throughout the year. They have traveled to Virginia Beach, Baltimore, and Washington D.C in recent years. They have received superior ratings at the national level for the past 10 years. They participate heavily in community and school events, serving as musical ambassadors for the Scotia-Glenville School district. The Choraleaires will be directed by Matt Duclos.


January 15, 2013          Glen Sanders Mansion  --  William "Mac" Sudduth  miSci: The Museum of Innovation and Science-Past, Present, and Future  .  He is the newly hired Executive Director for the miSci, formerly known as the Schenectady Museum. This luncheon will allow us to meet Mac, learn of his very interesting background in leadership positions at several science centers in Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky and British Columbia. Mac will also share his exciting vision for the future of miSci.


February 13, 2013       Mallozzi’s  --  Our speaker will be Laurie A. Leshin, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Science at RPI.  In August, NASA's Curiosity Rover survived "7 minutes of terror" to land at the foot of a mountain on Mars. Since then the rover has made amazing discoveries about Mars' ancient past, current climate, and potential for future astronauts to explore this compelling world. In this talk you will get an insider view of the mission and the science from a Curiosity Rover Team member.


March 19, 2013           Mohawk Golf Club --  Richard Ball.  Mgr. Schoharie Valley Farms    His topic will be about setting the stage for today’s agriculture…our history in the Breadbasket of the American Revolution,  Farming in a non-farm world, food safety and food justice,  and Rural America, a community to be thankful for.


April 17, 2013              Century House  --  Our speaker will be Pankaj Karande, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering at RPI.  Human tissue engineering has seen major advances in the past decade. In this talk he will discuss the use of a novel approach called Free Form Fabrication for custom designing human body parts. His lab employs a three dimensional (3D) on-demand printer to assemble fully functional living organs and tissues such as the skin from constituent cells and matrices. It will not be long before these engineered organs will address the critical needs for grafts, and for replacement organs lost to injuries or disease.


May 8, 2013                Glen Sanders Mansion  --  Steven Sgambati, Chief Financial Officer of GE's Renewable Energy Business.  Steve will review the state of the renewable energy industry, how it's grown and developed over the past 10 years. He will also touch on major issues and opportunities facing GE today.


June 19, 2013              Edison Golf Club  -- Our speaker will be John Hershey.  He will speak on “Gaming the System”.  "Gaming the System" is the practice of using the rules of a system to a gamer's advantage. It is argued that this practice underlies much of innovation, both legal and illegal. We will examine some systems, identify their rules, and see how these systems may be "gamed" for advantage, and how the system may be modified to defeat the gaming.


Future Luncheons


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Proctor’s Mary Poppins Oct 3, 2012

Schenectady Civic Players – Blithe Spirit – Oct 2012

Schenectady symphony Orchestra at Proctors  -- Oct 2012

Schenectady Civic Players – Mrs. Mannerly  --  Nov 30,  Dec 2, 5, 9

Schenectady Symphony Orchestra at Proctors  -- Jan 20 – Everyone Loves Italian

Schenectady Civic Players --- Three Tall Women – Jan 25-27 , Jan 30 – Feb 3

Schenectady Civic Players --- Woman in Mind  -- March 15 – 17  & 20 thru 24

Schenectady Symphony Orchestra – A Little Night Music  -- March 10

Schenectady Symphony Orchestra  -- Pastorale  ---  April 21

Schenectady Civic Players – Sunday in the Park with George  -- May 3, 4, 8, 9




Savannah, GA and Charleston,. SC  -- Sept 15-21 2013 -- Trip

Schenectady County Library group tour of Ireland Sept 2012.  For more information go to




Fund Raisers


Capital Repertory   This Wonderful Life    November 29, 2012  for the SPINA BIFIDA Association of Northeastern New York

Junior Achievement Bowl-a-Thon  Feb 1



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